This webinar-based course assists providers, agencies and systems understand the relevance cultural and linguistic competence, and how the use of the national CLAS standards can have on the delivery of health care and health outcomes.  1.5 continuing education credits/hours are awarded with successful completion of the course exam.

This 4-hour course is designed to introduce the fundamental principles, processes and rationale for cultural and linguistic (CLC) competence for any staff of a health and/or human service organization. It lays the groundwork for learning to accept and respect differences among the diverse populations they may serve. Most importantly, it focuses on the individual learner to help motivate him or her to be more self-aware of person cultural values, biases, and skills.

This course is new and redesigned for 2020. It is specifically designed for persons who provide counseling or therapy services. The course provides a framework and addresses specific skills to help counselors hone their multicultural counseling skills for clients with behavioral health conditions.